Our stores

Our stores

Farmfit OÜ Tallinn, Elektri 1. Only by prior arrangement with the seller!

Payment methods:

Payment of PayPal.

You monitor the guide on the screen. At payment of PayPal which depends on the state is added.

Pay for the account.

When we received your order, we send to your e-mail the account about an advance payment.

To order we answer during the day.

If you did not receive the account about an advance payment within 2 days, then contact us by e-mail or call by phone +3725024598.

We ask to transfer the amount shown on the account for the ordered goods into our bank account. The bill should be paid within 5 working days, after that your order is nullified.

Specify in the explanation surely an account number about an advance payment.

The account is sent on the e-mail address and is also guaranty letter. In the European Union the guarantee lasts 2 years.

Revenues to the bank account are checked each working day till 18:00.

Bank coordinates:

Farmfit OÜ

Swedbank a/a EE562200221067609596

The ordered goods send to the client during 1-2, but not later than 5 working days from the moment of payment.